martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Les baux de Provences

Aquí en 'Les baux de Provences' - un marco incomparable de la Provenza francesa - hacen un espectáculo de luz y sonido sobre el increíble fondo de una cantera de bauxita. Por cierto que el nombre de 'bauxita' - el mineral del que se extrae el aluminio - proviene precisamente de esta cantera: de Baux, bauxita, puesto que es ahí donde el geólogo Pierre Berthier la identificó por primera vez. 

La cantera 'al natural' tiene este aspecto, impresionante de por sí.
 Pero se convierte en esto cada diez minutos.
 Se acaba el espectáculo.
Y una vez fuera...
Y la graciosa guinda final consistente en una película surrealista de Jean Cocteau - proyectada sobre la pared de bauxita - y protagonizada por él mismo según podéis ver en el siguiente fotograma...
... en la que aparecen Picasso y los padres de Miguel Bosé...

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Maryjoe dijo...

Q bonito, q vacances te estás pegando.

Marc Gasca dijo...

Sí que te gustaría esto. Era precioso. Además al final ponían una película de Jean Cocteau que se había rodado en ese 'marco incomparable', la proyectaban sobre una pared de bauxita y en ella podías ver gente tan dispar como Yul Brynner, Picasso, Lucía Bosé y el marido (el torero), Aznavour... ¡formidable!

Nat dijo...

Queee molooooón!!!

Miguel López Casellas dijo...

Pues si que mola, si. Que chulería todo...

Marc Gasca dijo...

Pero sobre todo in situ. Impresiona el estar envuelto en la música y por los cuadros. Te sientes realmente inmerso en un cuadro en continua evolución por el que puedes caminar y desplazarte viéndolo según múltiples ángulos y perspectivas, aproximaciones y visión de conjunto... ¡una maravilla!

Anónimo dijo...

Resulta algo angustioso e inquietante como el "dichoso" ascensor infinito.

Marc Gasca dijo...

No, no. En realidad era algo mágico.

Anónimo dijo...

Force of Dirk 16+8 calf overcomes trailblazer ash to rebuke the second half dies dish of negative eagle
Time of Beijing of Yahoo sports dispatch on Feburary 7, eagle advocate repel grey bear; The calf also is in advocate field pass a test, force overcomes trailblazer. It is the overview of these two matches below:
Eagle of grey ursine 92- 103
Eagle (27-21) ends 2 be defeated repeatedly. Jeff - case of the base of a fruit took 13 secondary attack with cent and 22 highest sports season, make an appointment with assorted - 11 19 cent, backboard mix Smith 6 times secondary attack, al - Huo Fude 17 minutes 11 backboard, triumphant Er - Kewoer 12 minutes 6 backboard.
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Last eagle narrows difference for a time, but wind a day feebly.
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Anónimo dijo...

Barak: Qieerxihui rebounds the group can give a clue certainly
BarakIn the help in battle of a change sides in a warLewokusenWith2-1Changeover beat old bossQieerxi, this lost battle makes of Boasi handsome a crisis aggravate, it is nevertheless after contest, balakeli holds out Boasi to lead a team to rebound, be in last roundsOu GuanGroup contest is beatenWalunxiyaGain competence giving a clue.

Qieerxi is in last weekendYing ChaoJust be defeatedLiverpudlian, the Ou Guan in [url=]cheap jordan shoes[/url] this week was defeated by Lewokusen again, 2 what defeat your rich A Si repeatedly is handsome begin to become be between the beetle and the block, it is nevertheless after change sides in a war is successful, barak still conveyed him to be opposite old advocate support, barak say: "We had promoted below one round, and Qieerxi still has advocate field is right Walunxiya's match, accordingly they still have very great opportunity to promote. Each team can have difficult hour, qieerxi is in such hour now. I know their player is very competitive, I think they will rebound, they are a powerful groups, they will rebound. They will rebound..
In group of Ou Guan E, lewokusen accumulates 9 minutes, walunxiya and Qieerxi accumulate 8 minutes, Root gramAccumulate 2 minutes to had gone out only bureau, because strap excel of relation of victory or defeat,made of baked clay Lun Xiya is mixed Qieerxi, accordingly this is raisedDe JiaTeam has shifted to an earlier date one round to give a clue, be in last rounds, qieerxi will die with Walunxiya knock contention gives line quota of people another times, as a result of first engage in a battle, qieerxi is in guest field1-1Battle makes the same score Walunxiya, last rounds of match, la Jun wants 0-0 battle to make the same score only " batty army group " the advantage promotion that can score a goal by right of be a guest.
To Lewokusen can changeover Qieerxi, barak admits, they are very lucky, "If you score a goal 1 minute finally, this always has the part of luck, but we believe we can be accomplished. They are not in groove now, be in nevertheless finally, we have bit of lot. We are a young team, we leave the bureau is very good, but in the match, I feel we are done not have 100% believe us can get victory, qieerxi has this kind of feeling, their expression is very good. But we kick better more, our behoove is chased after smooth, draw also perhaps can be accepted, but finally, we gained a victory. We gained a victory..
In the past 5 matches, qieerxi gains a victory only, bo Asi needs to think well now, how to solve the problem that team exists, at present distance winter turns the time that meeting market still has 1 many months, bo Asi can solve a problem through having a player only, be in next spend future actual strength of the complement that bring hold goes again after the match of a month.