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Dharma: Valenzetti's equation

[Spanish] I can’t explain this too much. I found this two books in a secret place (can’t be revealed). But the point is what can be found on both of them: the Dharma secret Valenzetti’s equation. I’ll talk about it while I could.

I can not say more for now. The origin of these books has to remain secret. The point is that down on it appear the secret of the DHARMA's initiative. I will reveal his mysteries meanwhile the data arrives to me.
Of all the material contained in these manuals, the following one called my attention in his index (that obviously do not correspond with the title of his covers):

Development of the equation of Enzo Valenzetti:
Department of Heurística and Investigation in Material Applications.

Heurístic: Technic on investigation and finding. Search or investigation of documents or historical sources. In some sciences, way to look for the solution of a problem by means of methods no rigorous, as by estimation, empirical rules, etc.

In the video of 1975 of the Dharma's initiative, the Dr Enzo Valenzetti elaborated the following equation whose purpose was to target the final date of the human civilization.

Av = 100 ∑n=1>6 [Dn (1 – Wn)] ∏ n=1>6 [(1 – Wn)Dn]

Where Dn are the Lost numbers taken out to the lamp by the intruders in the island and Wn are the distinct forms of mankind extintion:
Av = Years of survival of the mankind (Years of Valenzetti).

D1 = 4; W1 = nuclear war

D2 = 8; W2 = chemical war

D3 = 15; W3 = biological war

D4 = 16; W4 = conventional war

D5 = 23; W5 = pandemia

D6 = 42 W6 = over population

The W measure in percentages of 0 to 1. This is, ‘0’ or any danger, and ‘1’ or total danger (100%).

∑ It is the additory

∏ it is the multiplyer (also called pitatory)

To be more exhaustive, I analyse thoroughly the equation:

Av = 100 [4 (1 - W1) + 8 (1 – W2) + … + 42 (1 – W6)]
{(1 - W1)4 (1 – W2)8 … (1 – W6)42}

Checked that any Wn = 1 (total war) will do that the multiplyer will be ‘0’ (1 – 1) Dn by what Av also will be 0.

Wn = 1 => Av = 0 years

That means that if any type of the six plagues W is sure 100% (Wn = 1) then the years of life will be invalid (Av = 0), is to say that it will have arrived the end of the mankind.
Given the 'fucking numbers' and exponents of the pitatory, will converge with elder dominance the factors of 'main fucking number' that the minor.
Like this, the over-population (factor 42) will influence more acutely that the nuclear war (factor 4) in the vital time reduction of the mankind.

Also interests the ideal case in which the mankind is far from any type of plague (Wn).
Wn = 0 => Av = 10.800 years = 108 centuries

These are the years of "natural life" of the mankind. It is the date that would be the last if any plague exists. Whatever, the man lives some 80 years if it does not suffer any illness or accident. This average life is not an absolute value but depend of as we administer it.

All of you repaired in this ideal case without plagues (Wn = 0) whose result is (Av) 108 centuries. ¿You remember the 108 minutes? That is it: the lapse of time for type the famous Lost numbers in the DHARMA’s computer. Yes. The sum of the Lost numbers. You take it?
The formula of Valenzetti in the particular case without plagues (Wn = 0) convert the sumatoriy of the Lost numbers (Dn) in centuries (x 100):

Shortly I will add more information to this site. But it’s dangerous because I know that the others watch me. I’ll really be safer if all of you are in the secret with me.
Obscurantism can be reduce!

To know the results of the valenzetti’s formula: First of all: “RESET”
1 - reset
2 - check estimated time of life for the mankind > =
3 - enter percentages in each casilla (between 0 and 100)
4 - Press the box “=”
5 - check estimated time of life for the mankind6 – Repeat all of this until you get tired.

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